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Perioperative nursing is a nursing speciality that works with patients who are having operative or other invasive procedures. Perioperative nursing care sometimes called as surgical or an operating room nurse.  A surgical nurse, also known as theatre nurse, specializes in preoperative care which means they provide care to patients before, during and after surgery. They work along with the surgical teams to make sure that the patients are receiving the best possible care and serve as the representative between surgical team and the patient families. Perioperative nurses works closely with surgeons, surgical technologists , anesthesiologists’, nurse anaesthitics, and nurse practitioners. The word perioperative encompass all the three phases preoperative, intraoperative, postoperative. They perform preoperative, intraoperative, postoperative care primarily in operating theatre.

 Market Report

 Perioperative nurses salaries depends on the education, experience of the individual and were they live and work. Bureau of labor statistics reported that the mean annual wages for a nurse who is performing the perioperative functions is $68,450 with a range from $47, 120 to $102, 990 per year. They pursue master’s degree to become a nurse anesthetist, which is the highest paid advanced nursing practice specialty. The median annual income for a nurse anesthetist is $160,270 in 2016. Perioperative nurses job growth has been increasing from 2016-2026. They are about to get a medium salary of $86,840 to $136610 depending on the region of working.  The CDC reported that in 2006, an estimated number of 54 million surgical and nonsurgical procedures were conducted in 35.4 million ambulatory surgery visits. 58% took place in the same type of areas in hospitals and 44% took place in free standing ambulatory surgery centers.

According to the job title the wages of a perioperative nurses are recorded below

Staff nurse    $64,500 – $67,100

Vice president/director/assistant director of nursing $92,000-$121,900

Clinical nurse specialist with a master of science degree or higher $85,600

RN first assistant $70900-$76,300

Nurse manager/team leader/business manager/coordinator/supervisor $78,200-$84,900

By 2020 the U.S nursing supply will drop below 36%, as there is a shortage of operating room nurses in hospitals as they are needed for safe staffing of operating rooms. As most of the hospitals revenue comes from surgeries and due to the shortage of operating nurses there will be a possible revenue loss.

 Conference sessions

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Directors/CEO & Department Heads, Vice Presidents/ Directors,  Doctors, Surgeons, Nurses, Professors, Nursing researchers, Health Care Professionals, Scientists,  Directors of Association and Societies, Nursing Lecturers, Researchers, Training Institutes, Healthcare Industries.


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