Pediatric Nursing Conferences

Nurses also continually assess the patient by observing the vital signs and developing communication skills with children and start the treatment. The main role of Pediatric nurses is to administer directly the procedures and medicines to children according to prescribed nursing care plans and implement them to children and cure the diseases. The main features of the Pediatric nursing care are quickly diagnosing the conditions of the patients and the spot solutions most be given to patients, administering the right medicine in the right time, most importantly the Pediatric nurses most not give the heartbreak and despair when some cases doesn’t have the improvement in the patients. Prevention and health education is a biggest part of Pediatric nursing where their often has the staff community health fairs and visits to different schools to perform the physical exams and provide a developmental health screenings to the patients. The patient education helps to increase the treatment results and improvement in the patients can be seen Children need someone to help them for medical treatment and procedures. The main goals of the Pediatric nursing are prevention of diseases with promotion of the health of the children, improvement of the child’s unique condition. In addition to caring for patients with illnesses these Pediatric nurses spent a significant amount of time with educating parents and caregivers for the curing the disease to the children. About 77% of nurses surveyed reported that their facility has a12-hours shifts and 96% of nurses surveyed reported that tried at the beginning of their shifts.

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Nurses, health care professionals, professors, researchers, students and technical staff of universities and Doctors, nursing students, scientists, hospital administrators

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