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Increasing of economic pressure in the healthcare system leading to overloaded healthcare environment. Healthcare services will take care of older and sick patients who often present with more difficult decisions as to healthcare priorities. Unexpectedly and unwanted situations can takes place in any setting where the healthcare system will be deliver primary, secondary and tertiary care and also social and private care, acute and chronic care, community care. Safety patient is the part of quality schedule and there is a proportion of quality culture. Some of the organizations committed to enhancing the quality of healthcare. Patient safety is the important role in all healthcare systems, it includes

·         Sharing experiences

·         Monitoring improvement

·         Developing active networks of patients and providers

·         Facilitating effective evidence-based care


Mostly from European countries, consistently show that medical errors and healthcare related problems will occur in 10- 12%. In 2000 report, it is nearly estimated 8, 0000 adverse events. Infections associated with healthcare impact an estimated in 1 in 20 hospitals patients on average every year estimated at 4 million patients every year. Some of the common infections like lower respiratory tract infections, blood stream infections, urinary tract infections and surgical site infections. While nearly 24% of European Union citizens claim have directly affected by the medical errors. Mostly 19% claim to have experiences serious medical errors. Statistics will show the strategy to reduce the adverse events, in European country they would lead to the prevention of more than 780 000 harm medical errors per year, leading in turn to over 3.5 million fewer days of hospitalization, nearly 270 000 fewer incidents of permanent disability, and 98 000 deaths per year.

Target Audience :

Clinicians, researchers, specialists in patient safety and quality healthcare, nursing scholars, medical department, academic centres, international delegates, upcoming researchers

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