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Health information management is the practice of analyzing, acquiring, protecting digital and traditional medical information to provide quality patient care and applied to health and healthcare. With wide spread of computerization of health records, traditional records have been replaced by electronic health records.  The tools of health information technology are continuously improving bring greater efficiency in health information management in healthcare sector.  The electronic health records have been completely expressed as an evolvement of health records, because it is electronic, this means of record keeping has been both supported and debated in health professional community and public  realm. Health information management (HIM) is a successful field for healthcare professionals. There are several careers with health information management with traditional and non- traditional settings for a health professional to work within. Traditional settings include Managing an HIM records department, Coding, transcription, patient admissions, physicians accreditation, risk management, cancer registry, trauma registry, quality improvement, compliance auditor and utilization review. Non-traditional settings include government agencies, correctional facilities, pharmaceutical research and medical software companies.

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The salaries of HIM professionals will vary according to the education and experience.  The new health information graduates with an associate degree will earn a salary of $20,000 to $30,000 annually and those with bachelor’s degree will earn between $30,000 to $50,000. The experienced persons can earn a salary of $50,000 to $75,000 annually. There is a growth of 15% in the number of health information management workers between 2014-2024, compared to other health occupations. Acute care hospitals employed 54.5 percent of HIM professionals, Clinics and physicians practices employed 10percent, ASCs employed only 1.0 percent and integrated healthcare delivery systems employed 9.5 percent of HIM professionals.  The average annual salary for HIM professionals is $60,670, California, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Washington D.C pay HIM Professionals the highest.

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Health Informatics, Cognitive Informatics, Data Bases, Data Mining, Medical and Nursing, Knowledge Management, Wearable Health, Electronic Health records, Designs, Telemedicine, Data Visualization, Practice Based Research, Considering Ethics.


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Chairpersons, CEO’S, Chief Technology officers, Executive director, Quality controller, Senior Advisors, Medical record management, Managing Director, Chief Scientific officer, Doctors.

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