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Nursing education is the development of nursing profession, the formal learning and training given to nurses to prepare them to perform their duties. It helps in educating nurses and developing their skills to deliver best services for patients as a nursing care professionals. There are various areas were nurses can specialize in and decide that they want to be qualified in one or several specialties’. Some of the specialties are Nurse practitioner, Nurse educator, Family health nurse, Clinical nurse, Intensive care nurse, Midwife, Oncology nurse etc. Nursing Education aims to develop a life long learner who can change both the theory and practice of nursing. Nursing education has been a foster innovation for the nursing students to be critical thinkers and problem solvers. It has gone striking changes in the centuries Nursing education started in United states had its beginning in Europe. Theodor Fliedner opened a small hospital and training school called the Deaconesses. Florence Nightingale the founder of modern nursing took her training at this school. The first training school were opened in 1872. Educating future generations to be nursing professionals, as there is a huge shortage for nurses, to meet these future needs a new generation students are pursed to be in to the profession, then an associate degree would be the fastest and economical way in to the profession. Organized education began about a hundred and fifty years ago. Today all most all the nurses are educated for a two or four years program in community colleges and universities.

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