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Nursing education refers to formal learning and training in the science of nursing, clinical rotations, patient care for nurses to perform their duties as nursing care professionals. Nursing education mainly has specialties and areas of practice in mental health nursing, clinical nurse, nurse educator, nurse manager, nurse practitioner, occupational health nurse, oncology nurse, pediatric Nurse, Peri-operative Nurse. Florence Nightingale played an essential role in nursing education as she established the first nursing school in United states named Johns Hopkins school of nursing in 1889.

Nursing education conferences will provide an opportunity for direct communication between young researchers and highly affiliated personalities in the field of nursing and their research upon different factors of nursing education and research.

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A nursing school is an education institution providing education and training to become a fully qualified nurse.

Since 20th century nurse education in many countries has undergone many enhancements

ETP Admissions 16,248 students entered ETP programs in 2014-2015, an increase of 4.0% (from15,775).

Admissions to ETP programs has gradually increased from 2000-2015, (from 10,450- 16,342)

Number of graduates from ETP program since 1963-2015, there is an increase and decrease in the graduates count during the years mentioned.

Post-RN programs 21.2% of schools (28 of 118) Offered one or more post RN baccalaureate programs for diploma- trained nurses wishing to obtain diploma in nursing and nursing sciences. 1,729 diploma students graduated from post RN-baccalaureate program in 2015 by an increasing percentage of 6.6% from previous years.

Master’s and Doctoral Programs   Admissions to doctoral programs have remained stable from last five years. 27% of schools offered one or more master’s program, 15% of schools offered doctoral program in 2014-2015. 1,015 students were admitted to master’s program, 8.5% increase since 2013-2014, 690 RNs graduated from master’s program 11.6% increase from past years , admissions to doctoral programs decreased by 14.9% and total number  of graduates from doctoral program was 70 graduates in 2015, compared to 62 in past years an increase has been noticed.

Nurse practitioners: Admissions to nurse practitioner there is a drop in 2011-2012 and from then till now there is a increase of 20% compared to previous years. Graduates from nurse practitioner programs 2011-2015 was in a increased number.

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Nursing education, Nursing Informatics, Innovations in nursing education, Nurse practitioners, New technology in nursing education, Types of nursing education, Nursing law, Surgical nursing, Nursing management.

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Nurse educators, Nurses, Doctors, Healthcare professionals, nursing students, healthcare workers, nursing researchers, academicians, medical professionals, nursing professionals, Professors

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