• Will organizers refund the amount if I did not get visa?

    Participant will be refunded only if they had informed 60 days prior to the conference. If not registration will not be refunded

  • Can I stay for extra nights in hotel?

    Yes, you can let us know if you want to stay extra nights as we will book the accommodation on behalf of you. We will be booking a large number of rooms in hotel so you can avail the best price.

  • Can I bring an extra person with me?

    Yes, you can come along with accompany person. You need to pay for accompany person and they can attend the conference along with you and they can have lunch and coffee during conference.

  • How can I Submit your abstract?

    You can submit your abstract through two modes
    Online: You can submit your abstract through online by conference website.
    Offline: You can send us your abstract through email also as attachment.

  • If my abstract was not accepted can I attend the conference?

    Yes, you can attend the conference as a delegate if your abstract was not accepted for presentation.

  • How many abstracts can I submit for conference?

    You can submit 2 abstracts for presentation. As we will receive more abstracts we can accept only two abstracts for presentation.

  • Will there be any waivers or provide incentives for speakers?

    We are non-funding organization, we regret to inform that we cannot provide any incentives or waivers for speakers, but we are glad to offer you discount on registration and accommodation, please contact our Program manager to get best offers.

  • Can I make the payment On Spot at conference venue?

    Yes, you can make the payment at on spot, but you need to pay token amount of $150 and need to secure your slot for the conference.

  • Can I take extra nights of accommodation?

    Yes, we will book the accommodation at venue if you had chosen any package. If you wish to have any extra nights of accommodation, we will book on behalf of you.

  • Will food be provided to participants?

    Yes, conference registration includes lunch, coffee during conference. Free breakfast will be provided for accommodation.
    Accompanying person also will be provided with lunch and breakfast during conference.

  • Will shuttle be provided from airport to hotel?

    It depends on the hotel. Please contact our program manager so that they can confirm you about the shuttle service.
    If you have any queries please contact to us through email at contact@inovisinternational.com

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